SurveyorTech for Insurance

Insurance brokers

SurveyorTech for Insurance Brokers

With SurveyorTech you can create a visual record of your clients risks and inventory, demonstrate risk quality, support a fair representation of risk, improve claims defensibility and negotiate preferential terms from the market.

SurveyorTech Pro users can create any number of report templates that can be populated with text that can include embedded virtual tours, images and video that can be shared via a secure link with stakeholders.  

Buy SurveyorTech and save time, reduce costs and carbon footprint whilst improving your competitive advantage.

1. Record

Quickly capture a visual record of your clients risks.

2. Report

Build up any type of report such as a fact find, risk management or claims report and combine with images and video.

3. Share

Share your reports with stakeholders via a secure link that can be viewed from a web browser. Easily add the survey link to your back office system.

On-Premise Surveys

  •     Quickly record a visual record of the risk with the SurveyorTech App 
  •  Capture and annotate both 360°and flat images  
  • Refine and share Surveys in the SurveyorTech portal  
  • Create virtual 360° risk walkthroughs so underwriters can remotely review the risk  
  • Upload video and images such as floor plans  
  • All images and video are time, date and GPS stamped  
  • Create read only reports with integrated virtual walkthroughs, annotated images and video.  

Remote Surveys

  •   Invite clients to a remote survey via a secure link 
  • For larger remote surveys clients can download our App  
  • Record video and capture images  
  • All images and video are time and date stamped  
  • View the exact location of the client from their GPS location  
  • Add notes and annotations to images and video 
  • Complete a fact find or other type of report during the call 
  • Upload other supporting images (like floor plans) and video    
  • Share your read-only report securely with your stakeholders

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