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Remote surveying

Remote surveying

If you are searching for a remote surveying solution that is easy to use, customisable and affordable with the option to integrate with your existing back-office systems then search no longer.

SurveyorTech makes it easy for anyone to survey a property or a site anywhere in the world from the comfort of their desktop.

It’s easy to invite someone on-site to join a remote survey, either via our SurveyorTech App or with a link that can be opened in email, SMS and any other multiplatform messaging system like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

From the SurveyorTech Portal you can have a two-way conversation with the on-site representative and guide them to what you want to see.

Record high quality time, date and GPS stamped video and images that can be annotated as you go.

SurveyorTech Pro users can develop branded report templates that can be populated with text, images and video during a remote survey.

Surveys and reports are easy to share using a unique survey URL and are viewable in any desktop browser.

Key Features

Global Reach

SurveyorTech uses over 1,600 telecommunication networks around the globe which means you can survey any location from the comfort of your desktop.

Evidence Based

All images and video captured in SurveyorTech contain time, date and GPS data that cannot be changed.  The GPS location is linked to Google Maps for quick location verification.

Shareable Data

Every published SurveyorTech survey has a unique link that can easily be shared with stakeholders or added to your back-office system for easy access.  The survey is viewable in any desktop browser.

Quality Images and Video

The SurveyorTech platform is reliable even in challenging network conditions.  Capture high quality images and video that can be annotated during your call.

Reduce Report Write-up Time

SurveyorTech enables the creation of multiple report templates to standardise data capture across your organisation.  Reports can be written up during a video call.

Built for Integration

SurveyorTech uses a range of API’s enabling it to transmit and receive data from other systems.  We start the integration process with a technical workshop to understand your back office and data systems, followed by a detailed estimation and integration project plan.

Quick to Implement

SurveyorTech is easy to use

Out of the box

Deploy SurveyorTech immediately with limited setup.  Invite any iOS or Android user to a remote survey with a sharable link that can be opened in  email, SMS, WhatsApp or Messenger.

Training Support

All new clients can receive training that helps them with their account set-up and preparation for their first survey.  To support self-learning, SurveyorTech has a library of short ‘how to’ videos.

Custom Survey Reports

SurveyorTech Pro users can quickly build any number of branded report templates that can be reused and populated during a remote survey to reduce report write up time.

Pay as You Go

When signing up to SurveyorTech there are no contracts to sign, simply pay as you go and cancel anytime.

Fair and Transparent Pricing

Unlimited Surveys

All plans come with unlimited video calls and surveys.

No Additional Fees

SurveyorTech does not charge per survey nor are there any administration charges

Hosting Included

Each user has 100 gigabytes of hosting included as standard. Additional hosting can be purchased on request.


Fast and Stable

The SurveyorTech platform is reliable when used in difficult network conditions or with low-end devices anywhere around the globe.  


SurveyorTech surveys are hosted securely in the cloud and are accessible from a desktop browser anywhere at any time.  Links to surveys can easily be stored in your back-office system for ease of access.


Built and hosted by Software Solved who are ISO/IEC 27001 certified for Information Security Management, SurveyorTech meets rigorous standards for data security and privacy.

SurveyorTech Remote Surveys Overview

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