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What's New?

Version 1.1.31
Version updates the remote surveying recording feature to include a dedicated screen for video recording. Enhancements to the Geolocation feature making it persistent and more accurate

Version 1.1.25
Version update includes the Geo location stamp and date/time stamp of images taken during a survey and the reporting of that information on the dashbaord

Version 1.1.26
Introduction of the post survey report building feature set including the functionality to build survey reports during a remote survey.

Mobile App Download

 If you wish to carryout on premise surveys you will need to download the app which can be connected hardware set out in the hardware section if you wish. The addresses to download the apps are found here

Hardware and Software Compatiblity

We recommend using Surveyortech with Google Chrome our fully supported Browser.

Surveyortech has been fully tested on I phone 8 devices or newer. Although is will operate on older functionality we recommend using it on this device or newer

The Surveyortech app can be integrated with any RICOH THETA camera when conducting on-premise surveys for a full 360 degree view of a property

Surveyortech has been fully tested on modern Android devices.

Support Contact Details

SurveyorTech Ltd,
8 Cranmere Court,
Matford Business Park,

Surveyortech Portal access
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0203 9683672