Digital surveying 


The Technology

Overview of technology used:

•  SQL server data to store all of the information
•  Azure Cloud is heavily used as our cloud storage solution
•  We run on a Microsoft technology stack, C# .NET Core, Entity Framework Core to access the database, Communication with the system is done via web API’s
•  We offer Ap’s for on-premise and remote surveying in Android and iOS and using your phone Browser
•  Video streaming is operating using the Vonage video streaming solution.  An industry leading video streaming solution
•  We use Microsoft Identity to manage passwords which is an industry standard. It encrypts your passwords to access your personal accounts.
•  Authentication of use is done using the Microsoft Identity engine
•  All passwords are stored using Azure encryptions

•  All communication is over Https. Which means that all traffic between users and the site is encypted, which means it cannot be intercepted by a third party protecting your data
•  All surveying data is stored within Azure's secured environments

•  Surveyortech is built on an API end point framework meaning that it can be integrated into third party systems using this same API framework
•  This means you have an existing proprietary system information that can be passed between ST and that system

•  24/7 99.99% uptime based on the Azure uptime system

•  We recommend operating our Browser in Google Chrome. It will operate in Edge and Firefox
•  Both iOS and Android phones can be used to operate Surveyortech.
•  There is an iOS and Android application
•  Remote surveys can be done using a tablet or phone

•  We offer a level of storage that allows you to store multiple surveys and video streams
•  Storage upgrade options are available at 10Gb packages

Global Remote Surveying Coverage:
•  High quality video content on 3-5G networks
•  Global reach with access to over 1,600 telecommunications networks         

SurveyorTech Overview